Monday, October 2, 2017

Job opportunities for our GPM young adults

Staff from Meluha Hotel briefing the Life Learners 
In underprivileged areas, it is common for children to leave school (as early as elementary school) in order to work to help their families earn money to survive. To combat this issue, GPM provides nutritious daily meals to students so that parents can keep their children in school. The Life learners Program, is a recent initiative that GPM started in June 2017, to help educate young adults who left the education track. Initiated by the JDC-GPM Summer cohort of volunteers, the program has been very well received, and the young adults are eager to catch up on what they have missed. Several students in the Life Learners Program have been encouraged to go back to school and continue their studies.
Life Learners with GPM Volunteers

Fern Hotel (a local Mumbai Hotel), recently approached GPM with an idea. The Meluha Hotel is a GPM partner who specifically collaborates with  Naya, our paper recycling program. The hotel wanted to speak to our young adults in the Life Learners Program to let them know about available job opportunities at the hotel and career tracks in hospitality. A manager from the hotel came to the GPM Joshua Greenberger Learning Center in Kalwa and presented the Life Learners with an outline of what education is required to move up in the hotel world, and the best entry level jobs to start their paths. 

We are extremely appreciative and proud that Fern Hotel took the time to speak to our young adults. This is community development at its finest. GPM strives to ensure that all of its work is done at the local level. Our students are  taught by local teachers and our clinic is run by local doctors and nurses; so it is a dream come true that our young adults are being given opportunities to work at a local hotel.

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